The Associação Académica de São Mamede was born in the first of December of 1946, on the initiative of a group of students, friends and lovers of sport and left as a legacy a spirit of dedication, effort and sharing, which still marks this club. The same spirit was embodied by the Triathlon section, which started about half a dozen years ago, founded by former athletes of the two initial modalities of the club, volleyball and handball, who were joined by other residents of Porto and surrounding, who found in this team the support needed to practice a demanding and complex sport as it is the triathlon. Currently there are over 40, athletes who train and compete there.
The AASM Triathlon has become one of the flagship teams in the national scene, being a reference in the north of Portugal, and highlighting when speaking of long distance, doesn’t have professionals or elites and currently almost all costs are supported by the athletes, The sport is very complex and training company, understanding the need of discipline and dedication, made it grow in the team a positive dynamic and mutual help.
The AASM Triathlon team has got more than 40 amateur and is always available to help and welcome all interested in doing Triathlon.
All who wish to join our team, are naturally welcome and helped to the best of our possibilities, always respecting the objectives of all sports athletes, regardless of their sporting achievements.
The aspect that is always the most important is the interaction and relations of friendship and cordiality among all team members.
Obtaining titles appears in the background, however, the results start appearing in recent years, especially in team competitions in the North of Portugal and in veterans ranks. We highlight what some of our athletes made ??in last season (2012):
Carla Mendes finish in the 3rd place in the individual Olympic triathlon national championships, achievement that she already had won in 2011.
Sílvia Pedroso became National Champion, Age Groups 40-44 and Joana Cunha was 3ª in the National Championship, Age Groups 20-24.
Luis Ferreira conquered the 3º lugar in the Aquatlo National Individual Championship, in Veteran 2.
Daniel Reis, Pedro Magalhães and Rui Pena, won the 3rd place in the Portuguese national championship teams per relay.
In addition to these achievements, we emphasize the participation of elements of AASM in Long Distance races, as is the case of X-Terra, Lisboa International Triathlon (long distance), Ironman of Regensbourg (Germany); Guadalajara Long Triathlon (Spain); Aveiro Long Triathlon (Portugal) and the Long Distance World Championship in Vitória-Gasteiz (Spain). In Aveiro the AASM triathlon team, was the 2nd team with more representatives, with 12 athletes and in the Long Distance World Championship in Vitória-Gasteiz was the Portuguese team with more athletes, represented by 8 elements.
The team also is a regular presence in several other sport events, like, duathlons, running races, swimming competitions, MTB marathons, trails and running marathons, with several athletes with this last distance completed more than once.
We emphasize the involvement of our team in this type of Triathlon, charged with mysticism, for having an almost superhuman dimension, where the physical and psychological resistance are the unique alternative for those who adventure here. The AASM Triathlon team, has some Ironman Finishers (3,8Km swimming+ 180 Km cycling + 42,2Km running):
      Emanuel Marques - 10h 30m
      Luís Barbosa -11h 45m
      Rui Pedro Pena - 11h 53m
      Carla Mendes - 12h 27m
      Daniel Reis - 12h 42m
      Mário Guedes - 11h 00m
For 2013, there are several Athletes from our team, that have as a goal doing this distance.
For the year 2013 the main goal of the AASM Triathlon team is continuing to be a united group, socializing and above all having fun.
Continue to have regular attendance on the podiums of national events, both individually, as have been the cases of Emanuel Marques, Diogo Moreira and Carla Mendes, as collectively.
Keeping what has characterized the team over the years of existence and which is recognized by all other teams involved in the triathlon scene in Portugal.
Repeat at least a major international long distance triathlon. Currently there are already about 10 athletes enrolled in 1st Iberoman. A competition to be held in October 2013 in Andalusia, Spain, in the Ironman distance.

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